Another way to live

According to UN data, about 400 million tons of plastic are produced every year. Generating this waste seriously damages our environment, especially our lakes, rivers, beaches and the ocean. 

It only takes a minute to manufacture plastic, while it can take around 400 years to degrade. What planet are we leaving to the coming generations? 

At DCU we join all the support campaigns seeking to reduce the consumption of single-use plastic and strengthen good recycling and responsible consumption practices.

We wish to share with you another way to live. It is worthwhile dedicating all our efforts to achieve making our planet a better place.

More durability, the best way to look after the planet

We consider single use as an enemy for our planet. We share the same philosophy with the lovers of longevity of products and learning that buying cheaply often ends up twice as costly. 

Our products are tested to last years and years. Look after them and don’t forget them. If you don’t need them today, keep them for future occasions, and if you can’t, give them to someone who can use them.

Conscious materials

For years, DCU has been opting for more conscientious materials, more committed to the environment, such as TPE.

Since the last decade, a number of materials have emerged which are as good as or better than PVC. One example is TPE, a material we use in many of our cables to cover the conductor wires, and which offers a more ecological alternative.

TPE is a compound based on natural or synthetic rubber, which has been used for years to produce tyres and race shoes. It is more ecological and more elastic than PVC material.

Our commitment is to get closer to conscious and environmentally friendly production, although when it comes to technological products, 100% ecological products are a utopia. We work for a better future and to add alternatives that care for our planet and that of our children.

Little things that are large

We want to share with you some of the good practices to which the DCU team is committed and which you can make tangible when you try us.

Reduction of the percentage of plastic used in our packaging Working with materials that degrade quickly. Although some materials take centuries to decompose, others disintegrate quickly and go on to make up the nebula of the microplastics which, although invisible, represent a real threat to life, because they are infiltrating all the strata of the food chain.

More quality to guarantee greater longevity Manufacturing with new environmental certificates and better working conditions.

ECOEMBES commitment We collaborate by contributing to the massive and regulated destruction of carboard, plastic and metals of our products. The “garbage patch” in the Pacific, for example, which is calculated to take up an area larger than France, is mostly made up of microplastics. It is very important not to generate more.

Recovery of defective or scrap materials to control the good recycling and degradation practices and give them a new life.


We are working actively on developing less noxious materials for the manufacture of consumer electronics.

Let’s be environmentally friendly and enjoy nature, biodiversity and clean beaches and oceans.
With small actions and good decisions in our daily consumption, we will generate change that will benefit the planet and future generations.