Our history

10 years ago, Joan Bertrana, a lover of art and good wine, embarked on the exciting journey of creating an own brand that would reflect his passion for professional technology, the knowledge and the experience of many years devoted to this sector, quality and good taste. With the fervent support of Josep Bertrana, he founded DCU Tecnologic.

In this sector, dynamism and speed are essential and the team of young collaborators are responsible for guaranteeing the special nature of DCU. A team that inspires and sets trends in the sector and that believes above all that passion, good quality and good people can achieve anything.

This team sets itself to challenge the perception of technological accessories as purely functional, lacking inspiration. And that professional and installation products can be different and better.

Today, we are an international team with offices in Hong Kong, creating professional and everyday solutions for the current world.

Our ambition lies in providing the best value for money to thousands of professionals of the electronics, audio and video sector. And strengthening the modern lifestyle which has converted into technology, where constant movement and flexibility in time and thought are of paramount importance and, for us, a priority.

By creating products that support this way of life with improved practicability and excellent value for money, we hope to provide people with the confidence to pursue their own passions.

Good People

Because in our team the good vibes are in the air and we achieve this by joining with good people, people who work with passion and with capacity to overcome and improve.

Here are some we try to keep in mind.

  • Choose the things that make you shine and feel good and discard the things that darken you.
  • Be aware of yourself and of what others are feeling.
  • Choose attitudes and actions that make the other person feel good and encourage their natural brightness, without forgetting your own brightness.
  • Goodness is a choice. You can choose whether to be a good person or not.
  • Sometimes it’s a question of perseverance and sometimes of taking good aim.
  • It’s a case of being honest with your heart and taking actions that respond to what your heart tells you.
  • Have inner coherence, do what you feel.
  • Be someone other people can trust, be there at key moments.
  • Put yourself in the other person’s place, try to think about other people feel.
  • Withstand setbacks and difficulties with patience. Patient people know that everything takes its own time and are capable of understanding situations and personal relationships better.
  • Be cheerful! Life already has enough tough times, so we have to enjoy the fun times.
  • Try to see the positive side of things and concentrate on that ahead of the negative aspects. The results of our actions can have a lot to do with the attitude with which we face life.
  • Recognise your own weaknesses and limitations. We all have them.
  • The ability to share our time or our abilities with others without expecting anything in return is gratifying.
  • Carry out actions that benefit others, even if they demand a personal sacrifice.
  • Respect the decisions of others, don’t judge.
  • Act in good faith, uprightly and fairly.

Human Team

More than 20 people at your service

1.500 m² of facilities

Warehouse, offices, R&D / Technical service

+ than 1.000 references

Inverters, connections, cables, feeders...