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Universal remote control TV LCD/LED

Ref. 30901010
  • Universal remote control for LCD/LED TV, comprehensive attention to different levels, you can control both new and older TVs.
  • Televisions of almost all brands and almost all models.
  • Functions and menu buttons for common use, all included.
  • With button for Netflix and Youtube
  • Easy configuration



Universal remote control for PHILIPS LCD/LED

Ref. 30901040
  • Operable distance: 8 meters
  • Easy to use, easy configuration*
  • With button for Netflix
  • Power requirements: DC 3V
  • Battery: 2 AAA batteries (not included)

* If the remote doesn\'t work directly, try one of these settings:

Power button + 1


Power button + 2


Power button + 3

You will have to press the power + number button at the same time and wait for the TV to turn on, once you have used the setting that turns on the TV you can use the remote normally.

AC universal remote control

Ref. 30902010

Universal remote control for air conditioners, compatible with most brands on the market.

Commonly used buttons and functions

Easy setup

Operable distance: 8 meters

Power requirements: DC 3V

Battery: 2 AAA batteries (not included)