Frequently Asked Questions about DCU Smartwatches

In this link you can download a PDF document with the most common doubts about our smartwatches and how to solve them.

If after reading this document you still have problems while using the product or with its configuration, contact our customer service by phone +34 972 244 105 or by sending an email to [email protected]

Which guarantee do DCU products have?

All DCU products offered on our website have a warranty for a period of two years from the delivery date. Our technical deparment will assess reparation or change the defect for a new one. Our warranty do not include deficiencies caused by negligence of use, shock, improper handling, incorrect installation not carried out by the technical service, breakdowns excess moisture, electrical storm...

When will warranty loses its value?

A warranty product loses its value when:

  • The period of two years warranty is spent.
  • You cannot present the original purchase documentation.
  • There are breakdowns by: 
    • Moisture
    • Thunderstorm
    • Negligence of Use
    • Hits 
    • Undue manipulations
    • Improper installation not carried out by the homologated technical service.

How can I recognise if DCU PC chargers are suitable for my laptop?

All DCU Power supplier have attached in our webside a compatibility chart with DCU power suppliers and all the brands / models of the adaptable laptops. You need to access in the Product fiel- Energy- PC power suppliers, there you will find a pop-up field with the required information.

Which is the difference between Pure Wave Power Inverters and Modified Wave?

Pure Wave signal is generated by a Power inveters whose component is almost a perfect sine wave, being almost equal to the one provided under household electrical wiring; so the Modified wave, generate a series of square wave signals, which added to its surround simulates a sinusoid.

My device is overheats when connected to a power supply or charger network. It is normal?

This situation can be caused by excessive consumption, voltatge alteration or breakdown of the connected device.

  1. First we need to check that the AC adapter and the device used to connect, mantain the same characteristics of the output voltage (volts) and connected power (watts or amps).
  2. Check that the polarity of the device and the power supply are correct (+ central or -central).
  3. Try to carry the load with the device OFF (stopped).
  4. Browse the good condition of accumulators or batteries of the connected device. If they have physical impairments such as lumps or swellings aging, these usually refer electrically resistive have very low values (cross), so can damage the power supply and the device itself. 
  5. The device supports power supply / universal chargers.

Power chargers for Network. Why do they heated? Is it normal?

Network adapters are no longer a resistor that reduces the voltage of 220 Vac network to 5-9-12-15-xx volts output converted to DC (direct current). This conversion process and the electrons walk from the power adapter to the connected device, generates a moderate working temperature that can range between 28 and 30 degrees. If the temperature exceeds these limits we must disconnect immediately and check for possible symptoms.

  1. Check if the power adapter used and the connected device have the same characteristics of voltage (volts) and consumption (amperes).
  2. Check the condition of the connector has not been damaged, cross, broken or deformed.
  3. Check that the cord is not severed or present knots or notches being crushed.
  4. The device connected is not with the reverse polarity (+ central) or (-central).
  5. Voltages supplied by the power supply and the connected device are correct.
  6. The connected device is in proper conditions, if we deal with devices that have to make a charge of domestic battery, keep in mind that the poor condition or aging itself can modify the overall consumption and even damage the power adapter.

NOTEIn some cases of batteries or accumulators charge, it is recommended that the device, tablet, Smartphone or laptop, are turn off (OFF) during the charging process.

What is soft-start and led display of our inverters?

The solf-start technology is an electronic system for savings in consumption of energy supply sources (batteries and accumulators) is a system of soft start or delayed, which analyzes the load connected to the output line and gradually (in 2 to 8 seconds, depending on model), is supplying the required voltage and power, thus avoiding consumption according 105v and 115v models, when 20 or 25% of the rated power is exceeded, the voltage values supplied rise gradually to 210, 220 and 230v.

LD or Led display lets you view through its LED bar meter, the input voltage and the % of power consumption connected, thus allowing not affect its functioning for lack of charging batteries (low voltage) or exceeding the maximum consumption allowed by the computer model.