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Power Delivery Technology

What is it?


USB Power Delivery is a fast charging technology that reaches a power of up to 100W, allowing you to go beyond charging mobile phones and small devices and even power computers, monitors or laptops. It is compatible with certain Apple and Android devices.




1. Much faster charging: You can charge the device up to 70% faster than standard 5W charging. In this way a Smartphone will need to be less time plugged in to reach 100% charge.


Examples of charging time on some of the PD compatible devices:

How much power does your device need?



2. It offers a greater current supply, up to 20 volts and 100W: With this, USB-PD can charge larger devices, such as tablets and laptops.

3. High-speed security: USB-C connectors have been designed to accept these new and high levels of power. They are specially designed to withstand this increased power without damage or overheating. Earlier connectors like USB-A are less suitable to support this higher power. USB-PD detects the connected device to supply the exact amount of power it needs to charge it as quickly as possible, but without providing too much power, which could damage the device.


What do we need?

In order to use Power Delivery, you need an Apple or Android device compatible with this technology, a USB-C to USB-C or Lightning to USB-C charging cable and a USB-PD compatible charger.


To enable fast charging we need a wall charger that can provide enough power (W) to the Apple or Android device.


With a 45W wall charger we can charge all USB-PD compatible devices, but if we want to charge an iPhone X or Google Pixel, which only accept 18W of power, the 45W wall charger will only provide 18W.


Therefore, it depends on the device that we want to charge, we can choose a charger with more or less power (W).


DCU Products with Power Delivery Technology:

USB DELIVERY Type-C charger + USB-C cable

QC 3.0 + POWER DELIVERY 18W Car Charger

USB Type C PD 18W + USB QC 3.0 Charger

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