When technology surprises you

When technology surprises you

We are welcome, because, in addition to the new headphones, we have incorporated new Smartwatch models that will leave you speechless.


They contain everything one needs from a smart watch, and they also come in a different format than the previous ones and with many more colors to be able to combine them to your liking.


We are talking about the gammas "Modern Calls & Sports" and "ColorFul".


The "Modern Calls & Sports" are ultralight and slim watches that include both metal and silicone straps. They are really special since mobile calls are synchronized and it is possible to communicate from the clock. Apart from having multiple functions, they contain different types of sports and a phone book, we have also managed to make its battery more durable, up to 3-6 days in use and 15-20 in Standby.


The following are the “Colorful”, a more youthful and fun range with TPU silicone straps of different colors so that they can adapt to all tastes. They're ultra-light and slim with a 2.5D curved glass high-definition touchscreen for a wider viewing angle and a sharper, more colorful experience. They contain many different functions and up to 8 sports modalities, in addition to being able to receive notifications from App’s and calls. Its battery can last up to 5-7 days in use and 20 in standby.


In conclusion, two ranges of watches that have taken our family of Smartwatches to a higher level.


We are convinced that they will be very useful and that you will love them!


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