New Comfort headphones!

New Comfort headphones!

New year, new products. At DCU Tecnologic we constantly work to be able to offer new products so you can always enjoy the latest technological innovations and always be in fashion.


This time we have launched our new line of wireless headphones called Comfort. These are surely the most comfortable and lightest headphones on the market, with their minimalist design and soft finish, it's like wearing feathers in your ears!


They are designed to be used every day, thanks to their design you will hardly notice them on. In addition, you can make up to 5 charges of the headphones with its box, in this way you can use them for around 15 hours without the need for a power outlet. You can also answer all your calls or even use them as hands-free.


This model is available in blackwhite and pink


34152021 (4)-jpg.png


We leave you its characteristics and functions below: 


  • Bluetooth Earbuds v5.0 with ultralight and ergonomic design with Touch Control
  • Magnetic box with wired charging (included).
  • They work together or separately.
  • Binaural calls with built-in microphone.
  • Battery life of 3h (15 hours with the charge of the box).
  • Sweat proof.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices.


Recomendations for use:


These earbuds are tactile, the smart sensor is located on it's top, so they are sensitive to any friction that touches or gets very close to the area. How does the sensor work?


  • A tap, answers/hangs up the call or pause/play the music.
  • A continued tap, to reject a call.
  • Two taps to the right earbud, next song.
  • Two taps to the left earbud, previous song.
  • Three taps to the left earbud, increase volume.
  • Three taps to the right earbud, decrease volume.
  • Hold down for 3 seconds - Siri and Google activation.
  • Hold down for 5 seconds - turn off.
  • The music stops automatically when you remove the earbuds. To activate it again, you just need to put them on again. 


Note: If red & green lights of earbuds blink alternately when take out of the charging case, double click on the right earbud until both sides earbuds slowly blink green light.  




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