DCU Tecnologic enters the category of SmartWatch

DCU Tecnologic enters the category of SmartWatch

ALIMARKET is the main company that generates sector economic information in Spain. His job consists of analyzing with the utmost rigor sectors such as alimentation, catering, construction or technology. They publish daily news about companies in different markets. Its reports and dossiers have been established as an informative reference for thousands of professionals and their companies.


This time it was ALIMARKET who named DCU Tecnologic in its "Consumer Computing" section. You can find this news on their website, below we leave a link.


The article highlights our wide range of SmartWatches, currently there are 14 models.The most accepted models by the public are the Curved Glass, we have a range of 4 colors, blue, black, pink and gold (NEW). 


We also have newness on our Children's channel, our new Kids 2G with WIFI-GPRS-LBS avalaible in pink, blue and green. This is an update of our last model, it has better screen resolution and location function, which with the integration of WIFI technology is much more precise.



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