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TV accessories that guarantee a very satisfying experience.

TV accessories that guarantee a very satisfying experience.

The company constantly check the market and listens the users needs.

The DCU Tecnologic portfolio is made up of references that combine functionality, excellent value for money and attractive packaging.

Regarding what we are dealing with here, its TV accessories, its range of remote controls for LCD and LED televisions stands out. This line is made up of six models. One of them is universal (reference 30901010 ) and can control both new and older televisions from almost all firms. The other five work with the brands LG ( 30901020 ), Panasonic ( 30901030 ), Phillips ( 30901040 ), Samsung ( 30901050 ) and Sony ( 30901060 ) and do not need configuration.

DCU's controls incorporate direct access to important content platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Youtube (varies depending on the model).

In addition, on May 2020, the company will launch a new packaging without plastic.

Wide range of HDMI cables

DCU also works with a wide line of HDMI cables, from 0.5m to 90m. Within this large family we find several very interesting ranges, such as HDMI Metal Premium , which features 24k gold plated connectors and highly flexible cables with reinforced nylon mesh. It is also worth highlighting its high definition system (2160p, 4K @ 60Hz) and its high speed of 18 GB / s.

For its part, the HDMI 2.1 range allows you to fully enjoy the 8K experience. The supported resolutions and sample rates are 8K @ 60Hz and 4K @ 120Hz. It also offers a high transfer speed at 48 GB / s.

As for the HDMI Optical - Hybrid range, it integrates high-performance optical HDMI cables and great signal quality 4K @ 60Hz UHD display. Guarantees up to 100 m of transmission without the need for power.

To finish, we must not forget one of the most popular brand products in Spain and Portugal: the coaxial + optical TOSLINK to aux audio converter ( 30505052). Converts optical or coaxial digital audio input to analog RCA outputs and 3.5mm headphone jack output simultaneously.

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