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Professional audio connections

Professional music connections designed for maximum sound performance and intended for acoustic and sound professionals.

We bet on the quality of our MIC2022, AUP202, AUP201 cables that together with Neutrik and Rean connectors, allow us to create a unique connection, with high performance and reliable.

We manufacture these connections in our Girona workshop and we adapt to all the personalized requests that our clients need. Because music is life.

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PRO XLR F - XLR M Neutrik Cable

Ref. 401000

Connector with MIC2022 cable


  • 401000 - 0,5m

  • 401001 - 1m

  • 401002 - 2m

  • 401003 - 3m

  • 401005 - 5m

  • 401007 - 7,5m

  • 401010 - 10m

  • 401015 - 15m

  • 401020 - 20m

Handmade connections, choose yours! We can make the measure cable you need!