When I have time to return a purchase?

It has up to 14 days to return his purchase products or do not want from the delivery date.

How do I get a refund?

You can make a refund for a product purchased through the online store to any of the following ways:

1. Access the section "Order History" of your own. Select the request you want to return an item. Select the product (s) being returned by checking the box next to their name (s). (Optional) Add an explanation to that shop equipment can better understand why the customer wants to return the product.

2. Through our Customer Service at 972 24 41 05 or email then be sent a form to fill out and proceed with the refund.

What products can I go back?

All purchases may be returned within a period of 7 days from the delivery date, except for products that do not have the original packaging intact. If the product is in perfect condition, proceed with the payment and refund of the product.

It is necessary that the products are returned with its original components (accessories, manuals or freebies if any), together with the invoice or invoice number.

Before returning the product, it is important to ensure that it is properly protected so that sealing does not suffer any damage during transportation.

What amount paid for the return of a product?

If you request the collection of the product to your home, you will pay the amount of the returned product, but the cost of collection will remain in charge and the amount of payment for reimbursement. Payment is made with the same method of payment you made the purchase.

Once you have made the refund when receiving payment of the amount of the product?

The payment will receive it within 14 days from the day they made the delivery of the product.

Case Returns:

1. I want to return the product because I changed my opinion: Send to our office c / Industria, 34 17005 Girona, along with a receipt / invoice you received to make the purchase. If the product is intact ii with its corresponding packing, we will pay for the product and the ports will be in charge.

2. I want to return the product because it is defective: Enter our website and complete the form returns. We will contact the customer to proceed to collect the product and make the payment. In case you want to make the change, we will send the product prepaid by the company.

3. I reached another product, not what I asked: Enter our website and complete the form returns. We will contact you to pick up the product and send the corresponding.

4. The box that the carrier delivered me has come broken: If the box is broken and the product concerned, please do not pick up the order and not to sign the delivery note. Contact us and we will manage our new shipping charge.

5. The box that the carrier delivered me open and the product has come into disrepair: It has 24 hours to fill out the form and send it completed once the product has been messed with. We will collect and send the right product prepaid by the company.

6. My order does not arrive within the period specified: Remember you can track your order through the mail he received on the day he made the purchase. Please contact us by phone 972 24 41 05 or e

7. I have been spoiled product: the guarantee of our products is 2 years from the date of purchase as long as there has been a misuse of the product. Complete the returns form and we will contact you to solve the problem.