About DCU 

Our Company

With the experience of more than 40 years dedicated to electronic and technological ADVANCE DCU TECNOLOGIC hit the market five years ago, today more than ever a very active and dynamic innovation and specialized services. An innovative project in the hands of a motivated and enthusiastic team working with a common goal: to love our customers.

At DCU, we are dedicated to the production and distribution - domestic and international - technological products: connections, feeders, cable, inverters, batteries, laptops and new products are coming.

Our Brand

The brand represents a perfect gear between specialized staff with many years of experience and expertise in the technology sector and electronics combined with more modern and fresh airs young people who contribute to a mixed DCU perfect, in our opinion: knowledge, research and active fitness positive.

The brand is also an important challenge: ensuring a brand and own project and bet consistently convinced that working hard, together with a horizon together, we will achieve what we set out with the same mission that we have from day one : love for our customers today and tomorrow.

For the curious, the name of DCU is the abbreviation of the periodic table "copper" quality material with which we work with many of our products and have special predilection.