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Power Inverters

Power inverter is a device that changes DC power to AC power and offers power to small electrical equipment and digital products. It is used in cars, boats, mobile offices, telecommunications and public security ... This equipment has adopted Soft-Start technology, meaning slow start up, with the advantage of having low consumption, led indicator, good stability and high efficiency. The low voltage Dcu inverters are small and lightweight.

The DCU inverters contain the best electronic designs for professional use.

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Wich kind of wave do I need?

To find the type of  power inverter we need, we must first know the type of wave we need, according to the type of installation and the use we want:


The modified wave generates an output signal composed of small square waves which simulates full surround Pure sine Wave at a frequency of about 50 Hz.

These power inverters models meet the needs of a wide range of energy supply for domestic appliances, office, tools, etc.

Against, this modified wave power supplies have certain limitations of use in some electrical and electronic control equipment, digital circuits or timed controls, variable frequency motors, lamps or other devices that use inductive loads or installations that incorporate some of the mentioned elements, they can affect results and damage these elements as well as the power supply itself.


Pure wave power inverters generate a much more refined output signal, the component generated is essentially perfect sinusoid and a frequency of 50 Hz and electronically cpnstant controlled. We might point out that it is likened to the conventional power grid.

Power inverters with such energy needs are covered in equipment that requires only one type of energy equal to the given power grid, achieving eliminate performance problems and incompatibilities that have some equipment to use modified types of energy waves.

They are more accurate and stable equipment used in a technology circuit with microprocessors to control the signal. On the other hand, they are more vulnerable to sudden changes in consumption and voltage shock, crosses and wiring errors. Its consumer-load factor (no load) is slightly larger than the models Onda property, but offer a number of advantages such as no distortion or color fringing Plasma TV equipment - TFT - HD etc. and audio equipment, home theater, HI-FI, they managed to decrease or even eliminate the background noise or hum. The same applies to radio receivers, transmitters, GPS, WI-FI, alarms and other systems using radio frequency communication.

NOTE: All types of power supplies, both Pure and modified wave, present interference at frequencies below 70 MHz depending on the closeness of devices and equipment.

SOFT-START (Technology)

The Soft-Start technology is an electronic control system to minimize the consumption of energy supply sources (batteries and / or accumulators), is a system of soft start or delayed, the load connected to the output line is analyzed and gradually (from 2 to 8 seconds s / models) is supplying the voltage and power required, thus avoiding unnecessary consumption of the circuit when loads are very low or zero. The load voltage can vary between 105v and 115v as models when connecting the load exceeds about 20 or 25% of the rated power of the device, the output gradually supply amount to the 210, 220 and 230v.


Power Inverter models equipped with Led Display or LD, allow us to see through its Led bar meter, both, the input voltage and the % of power consumption connected, thus allowing not affect its functioning for lack of Batteries load (low voltage) or exceed the maximum allowable consumption on the model of your computer.

DCU Recommends: Read carefully the instructions before installing the equipment and the technical characteristics and limitations of use in alternative energy (solar, wind, water).


Power Inverters


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