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In the large DCU cable's selection we find a variety of cables presented with 305 and 100 meters spools:

  • Coaxial cable: special cable for LTE and 4G, TV / SAT, RG58 and RG59 with or without feed.

  • Audio cables: specialists in microphone and speakers cable.

  • Network cable: UTP / FTP Category 5 and 6 for outdoors.

  • Special DC cables for automotive, they are high-powered and here you can find different diameters.

  • Oxygen-free and halogen-free cables, for the most demanding market as the Public States.

In DCU we work mostly with copper cable, we believe the reliability and security that this material provides for its smooth operation and long-term performance.



What is oxygen-free and halogen-free?

The identification OFC (Oxygen-free copper or oxygen-free) refers to the quality of the copper used in the driver, and identification (AS) or Halogen Free relates to the composition of the cover or sheath that covers the conductor .

Exist several types of OFC conductors depending on the amount and purity of copper used. Generally with such a low oxidation conductors is achieved allowing not degrade the conductivity reducing aging. The oxygen content causes progressive deterioration due to the copper oxide does not conduct electrons. Some other impurities such as iron, antimony, arsenic, sulfur and aluminum cause distortions in the signals due to collision of electrons with these particles. Therefore, many manufacturers realize the purification process in an atmosphere free of oxygen, getting a better electrical conduction and a long life.

  • Halogen Free (AS) sheaths or coatings are drivers who do not use conventional alloys PVC or plastic, or with chemical elements outside the group 17 (VII A) of the periodic table: fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine i Astato .These elements are reagents that are not free in nature, always mixing with others.Thus cables with halogen free insulation does not contain any of these elements and behave much better in case of fire, causing no toxicity such as PVC containing chlorine. They must comply with the rules: Halogen Free IEC 60754-2 or DIN EN 50267-2-21.

  • The FRNC (Flameraterded) drivers are comprised of a sheath with a special composition that slows the spread of flame in case of fire or overheating of the driver, working at high temperatures without harmful gases to health. Are forced in public or government buildings. Regulations: FRNC sheath (IEC 60332-3-24) and EN50266-2-4.




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