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Does your DCU product need to be repaired? 

All DCU products have a 2 years warranty from the delivery date.  

Contact with the dealer or shop where you purchase your DCU devise/item and they will send it us to proceed with the reparation.

In 10 days maximum, our technic service will proceed with the reparation or change, if change is required.

Is necesary to present the original purchase documents, together with a description of the fault or damage and with all the accessorise acquired when the purchase.   

Check if the reparation is covered by the warranty. Please, be aware that there are non covered damages caused by:

  • Moisture

  • Thunderstorm

  • Negligence of Use

  • Cops

  • Undue manipulations 

  • Improper installation not carried out by the technical service

¿Did the fault was caused by one of these reasons? Of course you can still repair your DCU product with our technical service. You can send us your product and we will make a budget waiting to be accepted by you to proceed with the reparation.
Any other question you can find us at:,  and telephone number:  +34 972.244.105


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